Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fish On.

I recently discovered a 17 minute snippet of video from our BC fishing trip this summer. After I hacked off the sixteen minutes taken from inside my windbreaker pocket, this little gem remains. Sigh. I am clearly not a genius. However, if you listen closely you should hear at least three "Eh?s" offered by Sim, our genuine Canadian guide.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is this anything?


I don't know how this works for you, but I've noticed that absolutely everything I have time to do each day fits exactly into twenty-four hours. I mean, never once has even the busiest day gone as much as 15 minutes over. Weird.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


7:40am: wake and shower (what ever happened to sleeping in?)
8:00am: haircut (daysha was happy with the sides)
12:00pm: evan's soccer game (minor rain delay to blame for loss)
1:30pm: took mower to the shop ($60 for a cable?)
2:00pm: koko kitchen with tracy (japanese comfort food)
3:00pm: helped evan start his talk (poor kid. poor dad.)
3:30pm: took a nap
4:30pm: safety inspection for the subaru
5:15pm: shoe and shirt shopping (almost bought something... again)
5:45pm: grocery store (to avoid a rebellion at home)
6:30pm: leftovers for dinner
7:00pm: soccer game at rice eccles (is every kid in utah blonde?)
9:00pm: walked home (ev and i still hold hands sometimes)
9:20pm: resumed ev's talk. (i may be helping more than i should)
10:20pm: finished ev's talk. (i definitely helped more than i should)
11:00pm: tucked tracy in.
11:15: started writing this.
11:38 finished writing this.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fairly Mundane

Tracy, Evan and I went to the Utah State Fair last Friday night.
They're all the same right? Pretty standard stuff...

We tossed some rings...

Rode in a centrifuge...

Looked in on the inmates...

And then we saw this...

I had hoped it would be a memorable evening. But honestly, the state fair was the last place I expected to learn that there is no God.

Flora. Fauna.

Mom and Dad dropped by recently on their way to New Mexico. Why New Mexico I asked? They were short on details. While they were here, we wanted to show them a good time. Instead, we went to Red Butte Gardens. Kidding. We all enjoyed it.

A few photos from the afternoon...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

No Breaks

Much has happened lately and I've captured almost none of it. We attended a profoundly moving funeral. We went to St. George over Labor Day. My folks came into town last weekend. Sometimes I forget that I even have this blog. I'm not sure people care whether I post, but I think it may turn out to be a worthwhile thing in the end. At least it's something different. Work has been picking up again. I'm here now. It's almost 2am. I'm probably too old for this. I may be older, but I am clearly no wiser. There are several twenty-somethings that work for me and they're all home in bed. Good for them. Maybe they know something I didn't at that age. The kids are back in school and seem happy. Both of these things make me happy. Evan likes his science class. Hailey likes her fashion drawing class. Eden likes art and volleyball. She even has the bruised collar-bone to prove it. Anyhoo. If you worked through this paragraph, I apologize. You were probably looking for something and didn't find it. This was more for me than you. Just an effort to get started again.