Monday, March 14, 2011


Today I was alerted to the presence of two sets of pictures on the interwebs.

This first one is me, posted on Chad Hurst's Blog. He's a photographer friend of mine working through a self-imposed project called 30 Portraits, 30 Days. Here he successfully shows my hair loss and the plate of ribs I never got to eat. Unsurprisingly, I hate him now. Not really. I sort of knew what I was in for. Although, I am hoping there's a more flattering photo somewhere in the bunch.

And then there are these photos of Tracy from the Lifestyle section of the Salt Lake Tribune. Here her complete cuteness and fashion sense are on display. Bald spot? Nope. Plate of greasy ribs? Not really. Just her being adorable.

And lastly... not online... until now: this photo of her in the dining room. I think she looks amazing, she thinks it just shows her wrinkles. If she even has wrinkles, I can't see them. I'll never see them.

I can only assume from the length of our marriage and the disparity in these photos that she looks past my "wrinkles" too.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Number 19

We celebrated Eden's nineteenth birthday on the first of March. I use the word "celebrated" with some reserve as she was incredibly sick for most of the surrounding week. She had hand, foot and mouth disease as it turns out... No, that's not the thing that livestock get. Eden doesn't have any hooves.

She was a good sport though. And presents apparently have the power to heal. She got the kind of clothing she really likes... you know... the kind she'll step over as she heads downstairs to raid Tracy's closet.

For dinner, we canceled the curry and fed her milkshakes instead. She did have cake though... although none of us would let her blow out the candles. See for yourself.

Also... Evan isn't wearing a burkha... he's wearing his blanket... named Sheldon.