Sunday, May 30, 2010

Big (H)air

A few shots of Ev skating during our time in Boise. Not sure he's the next Tony Hawk, but you've got to give him points for style.

Season's End

Eden's Lacrosse is finally over. So... A few last photos before I forget. We'll miss going to the games. She had a great year... scored 40ish goals, made all-state and won team MVP. Not bad Eddy.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where's Weirdo?

If you can't find Tracy but you know she's home, look here first. No, she's not hiding from me and the kids, she's standing in front of the vent, trying to get warm. Okay, maybe it's a two birds, one stone kind of thing.


Barb recently returned from a mission in Birmingham, Alabama where she braved bugs, bad weather and a batch of crazy companions. (alliteration completed). We were in Boise to hear her homecoming address... a talk in church where missionaries report on their experiences. To be honest, she did even better than I had expected. Fear and uncertainty had been replaced by hard won courage and conviction. We were all proud.

Almost everyone came out for the talk and the lunch that followed. I think a dinner followed that. And maybe a breakfast. Apparently families really can be together forever. :) Thanks again Jodi and Pete.

I've posted some photos on Flickr... Click the image to see them all.

Post Church

We get out of church at 12:00 and out of our church clothes at 12:03. Is it so wrong to wear pajamas to lunch?

I am the obvious odd man out here... I have a new gig at church and a whole lot more meetings than I used to.

Runaway Project

More late news... yeah, yeah... I already know...

You might remember a post back in January where I told you about an advanced fashion class Hailey was taking. She was to design a collection of 3-5 pieces and ultimately have it shown on the runway along with a dozen or so other students.

I told you it might be more than she was ready for. I said it might be too hard. I thought it might get ugly. And in many ways, it was and it did. She went through a lot of fabric. She went through a couple of meltdowns. She did not, however, ever give up.

The result? The kind of win we all agreed was possible, but uncertain. I don't have nearly the photos I'd like to have... of the process, or the show. But suffice it to say... as family moments go, it was one of the good ones. Siblings, family and friends all came and were not disappointed. It was a beautiful thing to see. She even won an award for her illustration.

She has worked so hard... and come so far. See a little here for yourself.
A special, significant note of thanks goes to Tracy. Part-time counselor, assitant seamstress, full time fabric taxi. Without her steady hand... well I shudder to think...