Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memory Lane

We recently sorted through some drawings done by the kids when they were little. I think this one was done by Eden, mostly likely during that time when Evan wore overalls... and was invisible.

St. George

We went south to St. George a couple of weekends back. Everyone was supposed to come along, but at the last minute Hailey landed a job at a little gelato shop down the street and had to work. I wish she could have come. We missed her.

If you've never been to St. George, you go because (when it's cold and grey everywhere else) it usually looks like this...

It's a place where people with lots of hair can do things like this...

We all did a lot of this...

And this... (Trust me, the home fries at the Bear Paw are worth the weight.)

We also proudly watched Daysha finish her very first Olympic length triathlon.

The weekend was way too short. And we should have hiked more and snacked less. But it was an actual vacation type thing... and everyone was glad.

Bristol Bored

More nonsense... with ink... on paper. You all deserve better... or at least something. Instead you got this. I'll write something soon. I do still have a family here, and they're way more interesting than these scribbles. Things have been up and down lately... But we're being edified or purified or something right? Maybe I can paint our way out? Uhhhh... Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Break!

I took a couple of days off while the kids were out of school. Logically, we did what everyone during does during spring break. We visited an archery range.

In spite of the fact that Evan is 12 and appeared to be high, I almost accepted his offer to drive.

For safety reasons Eden rode shotgun.

One bow. Three arrows. Twenty dollars.

Evan found it challenging to draw the bow.

Eden didn't.

I found Hailey a new boyfriend.

No plastic deer were harmed.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lacrosse: A Family Sport.

We packed up and shipped out for Eden's last home lacrosse game the other night. Everyone went. They lost, but she still rocks. We're hearing rumors about an All-State mention.

Where's the field anyway?

The sun finally (briefly) came out.

Point and shoot cameras... Not good for action shots.

Half-time.Tracy had Hailey and Evan practice reverence.

Ankle tans are GO!

Post game Pile-up.

Why do I always have to drive?

Texture Test