Sunday, March 7, 2010


Eden turned 18 on Monday (March 1). Don't ask me to explain... I can't. But I am told that this is the case and I just have to accept it. I feel bad... It may not have been the most dramatic birthday. Even though it fell on a Monday, we actually started on Sunday. Her decision, not ours.

She got a new phone, leaving her old phone up for grabs.

I think this was the part where Hailey and Ev presented their arguments as to why each would be the most fitting recipient.

Inexplicably (and possibly undeservedly)... Hailey won.

Tracy remained calm and impartial.

Later, we sang poorly on her behalf.

Recently the doorbell rang at 11pm. We were greeted on the doorstep by this.

What at first appeared to be a disturbing threat turned out to be a disturbing invitation to a dance. Obviously, she accepted. One needs to be polite...

Lacrosse has also started up again... Her senior season. I don't know any other way to say this... Eden is hardcore. When she's not scoring five or six goals a game, she's getting yellowcards and being ejected for aggressive play. It's a joy to watch.

Fearless. Busy. Happy.
We are proud of you Eden.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Frodo in Wonderland

Elijah Wood.

Johnny Depp playing Elijah Wood playing The Mad Hatter.

Burton visuals aside, I'm not sure I'm dying to see the new version of Alice... the reviews are 50/50 and the book really never was my cup of tea. Still, a movie sounds better staying in...