Thursday, April 5, 2012

Christmas/Hailey's Birthday (of last year)

Is it sad that I'm posting photos from Christmas and Hailey's Birthday when it's now April? Very. Might time and the pure charm of these photos diminish my shame? I'm going with yes, but we'll let future you decide that for your future self.

Tree Decorating Festivities and General Decor - Not sure how things are elsewhere, but around these parts, tree trimming isn't a democracy. Tracy decides on the type of tree (think skinny... almost sickly) and on the decorations that allowed on board. There were protests the first few years... and you still might hear a murmur of dissent here and there... but I think it's safe to say that everyone has fallen in line. She does however relent occasionally, allowing the certain sentimental ornaments to be placed on the tree... around back... where they can't be seen without the assistance of mirrors.

I didn't take any pictures of Christmas morning. I've stopped that completely, having decided that those pictures, more than any others... are completely unflattering. I mean who looks good in bed head and pajamas, buried under a pile of barely deserved presents? ;)

Speaking of pajamas... Hailey made ours this year. They rock. Wonder if she knows she's on the hook for that task forever?

Up next? Hailey and Eden's combined birthday post.