Sunday, October 11, 2009

Harvest Time

We planted a garden this year. But thanks to the rainiest June we've ever seen and some fairly mediocre soil, just about everything we planted was a bust. Or maybe this guy was to blame. (no, not the grasshopper)

Even the pumpkins (Tracy's favorite) only turned out okay.

So, to supplement our harvest, we visited the pumpkin pro shop.

Everyone grabbed their favorites.

Or tried to anyway...

The pricing was vague. Had we spent $8 or $80?

Only $27... Maybe we should go back for more?

Note: Eden missed out on the family festivities to take part in some of her own. Homecoming. Dances these days are apparently an all day affair. And even though it's halfway into October in Utah, somehow boating was involved. I don't know all the details (I never do) but I know she had fun.

Maybe September was just a hinge connecting summer and fall. We've turned the corner toward better things. The air is different now. Stay tuned.

In The News

Really??? (click to enlarge)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back to School (in October)

Okay this happened over a month ago... but I already apologized for that right?
First day of school photos.

My September Coma

It's funny... whenever I fail to post for an extended period of time I feel the need to apologize.
But to whom? I'd like to think that someone is checking daily, fingers crossed.... but there's just no proof. Who can blame you? (whoever you aren't)

I guess I haven't been feeling it lately... the last 30 days or so. Not completely sure why... I just remember not liking it all that much.

Let's try this again.