Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lamb's Canyon

Fall is my favorite season by far. 
To be honest, I go a bit mental about seeing the leaves at their peak. Of course, I never actually see them during this time. I see them later... when I remember what month it is... and when they look more like they are diseased than autumnal. Fortunately, I also like this kind of thing too... (photos in a minute). Not sure the family feels the same way about all this as I do, but they graciously, briefly humor me anyway. This time we took a quick trip up to Lamb's Canyon to see what there was to see. See for yourself what we saw. Not pictured: The squirrel that assaulted Eden after she quite logically decided to straddle it's home. Pictured: Eden's semi-terrified reaction. Hailey couldn't make this little adventure so she went up later on her own initiative. Atta girl Hailey... I knew I liked you best.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

And Yet...

Another year of poor gardening comes to a close. The chile peppers didn't go anywhere. The basil was a bust. Even the tomatoes went down in flames. Who can't grow tomatoes? Apparently us.

And yet... Just when we were ready to completely write off the whole endeavor... hope has been ever so slightly restored.

While the strawberries didn't exactly yield a lot of fruit, they didn't die. And because they are perennials, they might have even established a firm footing with next season in mind.

The pumpkins pulled off a comeback in the nick of time. There won't be many of them and they won't win any prizes. They will however, make Tracy happy whenever she goes out to check on them. This is, for me, almost entirely the point.

And perhaps best of all... Blackberries. In an unexpected turn, the vines I hate have produced something I love. Will there be more? Enough to make a truce? Or better yet a pie? Stay tuned...