Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pop Quiz

And you thought this site couldn't be any more engaging...

To ensure that it isn't, I've added a new feature to the right side of the page, just below the slideshow. It's a quick, single question poll, and it follows one simple rule: I ask the questions, you give the answers.

Will it be fun and interesting? Probably not.
Will it become a regular feature of the site? Almost definitely.

Photo Booth

Yes, I'm rehashing old material again.

Here are a few photo booth pix we've taken over the years.
Flattering to all involved? Clearly not. But if you've been reading along thus far, you know... We're way past that now.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bear Lake 2008

We had a quick Tracy's-side-of-the-family reunion a couple of weeks back. Almost 20 of us converged on Bear Lake (not pictured) for an all-inclusive 4 day, 3 night camp-stravaganza.

Meet the participants... (more photos in the gallery at right)

We were the first to arrive at our assigned group of campsites. Being unfamiliar with Bear Lake camping, I envisioned something like...

Instead, it was exactly like...

I'll be honest.. A family meeting was called right there in the van, motor still running. Held with the same urgency as a summit on an earthbound asteroid, it went something like this: Okay people, we're the first ones here, let's talk options." The ideas came quickly. "We could stay at a hotel" someone offered. "We could just go home and tell them we had car trouble" added another. I can't be sure, but a scheme to "fake our own deaths" may have been mentioned.

Obviously, we stayed. We may not be pioneer stock, but we don't give up quite that easily. We staked out a spot and unpacked the car. The others showed up soon after and together we made the place a home. And to be fair, there was a lake... and it was beautiful. For some reason, I just never took my camera down to see it.

As near as I can tell, everyone had a great time. A few of the highlights...

- The people (for better and worse, there's nothing like family)
- The waverunners (I almost put this first)
- The meals provided by everyone (often starring Ken and his uber-stove)
- Extreme Fishing (hosted by Gordy)
- Tracy's Magical SunshadeTM
- Raspberry Shakes (The 28" Old Ephraim will have to wait)
- Minor injuries (sunburns, bruised ribs, toenails, tailbones)

I hope we do this again, with a couple of minor changes...
More Schoenfelds. More shade.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Comment

A few of you (and there only are a few of you) have apparently tried to comment on posts. As it turns out, you couldn't because I had accidentally locked that feature. Well that's all fixed now. Of course, you don't have to say anything. That might be best. But you could... if you wanted to. I'm just saying...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time Machine

Point A

Point B

Twenty years of marriage.

Looking back, I honestly can't believe it's been that long. Half of our lives, together. It feels like the memories have been pancaked together so tightly that it's hard to pull them back apart again. Just fleeting pictures of places and faces... mostly of the kids when they were young. Our attention has been on them for pretty much the whole twenty... still is. Other stuff... school, apartments, houses, jobs, friends and vacations have their place. More impressions that seem to gradually lose their sharpness. Looking through some of them recently, I'm thankful for the photos we do have... they remind me how much of the good stuff I might otherwise forget.

I wish I had the ability to recollect or summarize our marriage in some way that would do it justice. I don't. I'm simply grateful for you, the life we have together and the time we've had thus far. I have already been blessed more than I deserve.

I love you Tracy. Happy Anniversary.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Band of Brothers

I Returned home last Sunday from a week long fishing trip in British Columbia (see slideshow at right) with my Dad and brothers. The trip was a gift from Dad to all of us, and a rare opportunity to spend real time together. Should we have taken him and paid for the whole thing? Hasn't he earned at least that? Yes to both, but he was smart to take matters into his own hands.

I knew it would be an adventure. I didn't realize it would be so educational. In my usual lazy prose, I'll tell you what I learned:

1) The Wright Brothers were really onto something.
As it turns out, Canada is not in the US. In fact it's not even close. Something we discovered twice as we made the mind-numbing drive from Boise to Ucluelet British Columbia and back again. 18 hours on the way up. 22 hours on the way back. (Thanks US Customs!) Note to self: When both friends and strangers express open dismay at your travel choices, reconsideration is in order.

2) Fishing is ridiculously easy.
I only fish rarely these days and struggle to catch anything when I do. This trip really opened my eyes to a better way. Always follow these steps: Have money. Hire an excellent guide. Have him do pretty much everything. Reel stuff in. Say cheese.

3) Fishing is incredibly hazardous
While we were there, both Mark and J. involuntarily lost longtime girlfriends... via cellphone no less. They took it way better than I ever could. Probably because they've already been through some really tough times. They are both good guys that deserve way better.

4) We need to keep a closer eye on the Canadians.
When they're not charging us to catch our own Salmon, they're coddling our national bird. They also sell gasoline in "litres"... intentionally disguising the real price.

5) The old man still has it
Whatever it is that's driven him to succeed to the degree he has is still alive and well. We can only hope that we've inherited a little of the same. Thanks Dad... for everything. We love you always.