Monday, March 30, 2009

In The News

Am I the only one who finds this amusing?

Picture This.

Why all the photos with wimpy one line captions?
Because they're easy, that's why.
And I have a whole month to make up.


Eden (blue dress) went to Junior Prom.
Hailey (red shirt) made the the blue dress.

Eden went skiing for the first time.
And yes, we have been living in Utah for almost 10 years.

Eden's lacrosse team won it's first game in three seasons.

Evan couldn't bear to watch.

Tracy, my mom and my sisters took a "girls trip" to Vegas.
Shops were shopped. Smokes were smoked. Gelato was discovered.

Tracy finally married the man of her dreams.
(I can't hold a candle to this guy, seriously)

Eden (green couch) turned 17.

I started and (mostly stopped) drawing again.

Well, that's it for now. But at least it's progress... right?
I hereby promise to underwhelm more often.