Monday, July 15, 2013

Where to Start

I don't know that this will really be a post. More like a toe dipped back in the water to test the temperature. I can't believe my last entry was way back in January. That's just sad. And it was all about me. Ugh. Whose idea was that? I still like blogging though, or at least I can still see the value. I just kinda hate Blogger. It just won't seem to do what I want it to, or maybe I'm not at all clever. I worry it's the latter.

Like I said, this isn't a post. It's just a test. But when I come back, I'll have a thing or two to tell you.

For both better and worse, it has been quite a year.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

All about me...

Granted, it's a bit of a selfish thing... to make a whole post about myself. But I do have my reasons. Way back at the beginning of 2012, around the time of my 44th birthday, I made something of a public pledge to do a little more this year, to be a little better; to put up "better numbers"... Sorry, about the lame analogy. I guess I figure I owe you, or maybe me a report on the whole thing. How did I do? Certainly not perfect, maybe not even great... but better, I think. And I'm okay with that.

I lost almost 30 pounds and have kept it off for a year. Thanks Tracy, Weight Watchers and my shaky commitment to be a real "runner".
I drew a little more. Yes, still weird stuff. Thanks Apple and the guys who made Paper.

We ate a little better. Thanks Tracy, my mentor and kitchen guide. Also the kids and Mike and Zach... willing subjects in our culinary experimentations.
I fished a little more/better. Thanks to Nate, Alfredo, Ken, The McDreamy and one particular spot on the Middle Provo.
I was also blessed to spend another year with my absolute best pal, soul-mate, co-conspirator and partner in crime. We didn't read our scriptures every day, but we did make real progress and I/we could feel the difference.
Upcoming? Posts about baking, family trips and other life changing occurrences.

2012 A Retrospective: Boise

A few photos from our not-at-all recent trip to Boise. It's been too long already... I can only imagine how the candy drawer overfloweth in our absence.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sugar Water

Okay, I'll admit it... I occasionally pay good money for things like hummingbird feeders and bird seed from a store that actually specializes in bird seed. Am I a birder? (Yes, that's a term) No. Am I inclined in that direction? Let's just say I might carry the gene. However you feel about such uncoolery, I was fairly amused when my sugar water concoction actually yielded a few hummingbirds. I was also fortunate enough to have my camera close by. You can see the modest (and nerdy) results below.

And yes... there are more important things I could be posting about. Unfortunately for you, most of them require thought, and sentences. So for now you just get hummingbirds.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Debate Camp

Evan is, at this very moment, in the middle of a two week debate camp at Dixie State College in southern Utah. At home, on his best day, he's a man of few words. When away, he takes this unofficial teenage "vow of silence" thing to a whole new level. Crazy, right? I mean, what kid wouldn't want to reach out to his parent on a daily basis... to connect... to share?  Er... okay, maybe we're asking a little too much. You can decide for yourself. The following is a text thread between Evan and Tracy earlier this year when he was at a tournament in Berkeley.

I am pleased to add however...  that this trip has been better. Has Ev tried harder to reach out? Not exactly. Have we lowered our expectations? Duh... We may be overbearing, but we're not stupid.

Evan does seem to really like debate. He works hard at it and seems to have an aptitude... I swiped and scanned one of the scoring sheets from his California trip... He has the number one next to his name... (a good thing). While the high-speed, Jihad-style "chanting" coming from the basement sometimes scares us a little, we're mostly just happy when he is.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Pokey

Photos from a trip we took to Pocatello in February. I can't remember why we went to Eastern Idaho in February. It certainly wasn't to get away from the cold and the wind... I know that for sure. I'm assuming we went mostly to impose ourselves on the Southwicks (not pictured) and eat what they were having for lunch and dinner. At least I recall it being a pleasing experience for the senses.

Along those lines, I also found time to slip away for a few hours to take these photos. The shots are nothing special I suppose, but I could have spent all day looking for more.

The one photo I didn't get? The inside of the Fort Hall Indian reservation jail. Tracy's sister suggested I might want to trespass on their land to snap a few shots of the river that runs through it. She implied that they probably wouldn't mind... that it wouldn't be a big deal. While I didn't end up going in... the place was generously covered with warning signs... I did wonder what Annie might stand to gain by having me incarcerated.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Christmas/Hailey's Birthday (of last year)

Is it sad that I'm posting photos from Christmas and Hailey's Birthday when it's now April? Very. Might time and the pure charm of these photos diminish my shame? I'm going with yes, but we'll let future you decide that for your future self.

Tree Decorating Festivities and General Decor - Not sure how things are elsewhere, but around these parts, tree trimming isn't a democracy. Tracy decides on the type of tree (think skinny... almost sickly) and on the decorations that allowed on board. There were protests the first few years... and you still might hear a murmur of dissent here and there... but I think it's safe to say that everyone has fallen in line. She does however relent occasionally, allowing the certain sentimental ornaments to be placed on the tree... around back... where they can't be seen without the assistance of mirrors.

I didn't take any pictures of Christmas morning. I've stopped that completely, having decided that those pictures, more than any others... are completely unflattering. I mean who looks good in bed head and pajamas, buried under a pile of barely deserved presents? ;)

Speaking of pajamas... Hailey made ours this year. They rock. Wonder if she knows she's on the hook for that task forever?

Up next? Hailey and Eden's combined birthday post.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I turned 44 yesterday.

The Iceman (George Gervin) also wore that number on his jersey when he played for the San Antonio Spurs.

This was during the time I really started tuning into basketball... somewhere in the early 80s. I'm mostly tuned out now, but in those days I would play or watch whenever I could. Because there was no ESPN and barely any cable, there wasn't all that much to see. While I would coincidentally catch a game here and there, my daily fix often meant checking the newspaper for the scores. To be a little more accurate, I would glance at the final score and then I would study the stats.

I don't follow the game closely enough to know what changed since then, but during this time you could usually count on most teams in the Western Division (especially the Spurs) scoring a colossal number of points. And when they played Denver with Alex English and Kiki Vandeweghe, the totals went up from there. The Spurs might put up 133 points only to lose by six. The Iceman, Artis Gilmore, Johnny Moore and Mike Mitchell... It was ridiculous... glorious.

I don't remember when I fell in love with the Gervin or the Spurs. Probably at the same moment. Watching him play made me just love the game, the same way Tarkenton did with the Vikings, the way Kellen Winslow did with the Chargers. Win or lose, my teams then are my teams now. I'm stubborn that way.

Wait... Where am I going with this? There's a point, I promise.

Gervin didn't really play defense. He played offense... putting big numbers on the board, all season long. Unsatisfied with my production in the past couple of years, I'm hoping a little of the number 44 magic rubs off on me in 2012. The plan is do to do more, be more, see more... and maybe weigh a little less. Working out, eating better, reading scriptures, taking pictures, calling family, writing notes, being grateful, less sitting, more hiking... it's all there in the game plan. Okay, there isn't really a game plan... just a desire to make a little more out of my forty-fourth season.

I can't promise I'll play any defense... but with Tracy's help,  I plan on chucking up a lot of shots.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Freeze Tag

Just in time for the new year!... Photos from Halloweeen. I may or may not have the will to post some sort of recap for 2011 in the next few hours, but I did want to take a moment to throw these photos in a place that might stick. As late as they are, the moment they represent was something of a highlight... maybe one of the better things I did all year. While that fact or thought may reflect badly on me,  I think it will be nice to have it up here, rather than filed away on my computer.

Alfredo (first picture below) invited me to help him shoot photos for his stake Halloween party. A couple of things about the last sentence:

1) Alfredo didn't need my help. I'm pretty sure he had it covered. I think he mostly invited me along to teach me a little more about lighting (he's kind that way) and maybe to share in an experience he knew would be worthwhile (he's also kind that way).

2) His stake is more diverse than most... at least ours anyway. Among the four or five wards, there is at least one Spanish speaking ward and another that is special needs focused.

White it was just a few hours of pointing and shooting, it felt more like a gift.
The cast of characters... The costumes... An utter lack of sarcasm...
Meh... A more talented writer could explain why.

I just have these photos.