Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blogs: A public promise to blog more often.

In recent days a good deal of my friends and coworkers have gone public with their blogs. The common thread? The number of renewed and re-renewed commitments to stay current on their blogs. Who should I envy?... those who write 1200 words on their trip to Houston? Or those who apologize for not doing so more often?

Classes I Must Have missed

1) Fixing things 101
2) Advanced Goal Setting
3) Calorie Management

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring in Utah

March 30

April 13

Crappy: The new okay.

What has it been.... like 2 months since I posted last?

Lame. And predictable.

But no more! Because you see, I've taken a vow of mediocrity. No more will I let substandard get in the way of disappointing. No more will I let insight and real thought get in the way of adjoining sentences.

Next I was going to type some more stuff about fear of failure and overcoming oneself. But that's the kind of thinking that keeps me paralyzed by... well... fear of failure. So, I'm overcoming myself by stopping right here.

I'm so mad at my mirror.

Why? Because never once has it told me that I look like this.

And don't think I don't ask...

Every morning, after my hair is just dry enough to spackle in place, I ask this reflective phony for an opinion. The answer? Alway something akin to "could be better, could be worse."

Could it be worse?

Apparently... Because every time I run across a photo of myself I'm first, horrified and second, compelled to ask a lot of tough questions. Is this what people really see? Is Tracy aware that she married a bridge troll? And the kids... How might this be affecting their schoolwork? And honestly... The photo above isn't even close to the worst I can do.

But what does it mean?

Among other things, I think it means that (prepare yourself for a real revelation here) the way we see ourselves is fairly divergent from the way we are seen by the ones we love. This, I'm convinced after almost twenty years of marriage, is a very good thing.