Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tracy Turns... Older.

In spite of appearances, Tracy does age. Well, she has birthdays. Today was one them. After she opened presents I took a few photos... man I miss my real camera. Do you really have to have an expensive dSLR to have shots in focus? I didn't think so before. As is turns out, cameras also have this self-timer feature... allowing the photographer a full 10 seconds to get in frame with the rest of the group... thus you'll see below, rare photos of the whole family together. More than ever, I love these guys. Happy Birthday Tracy, you deserve better... Or at the very least, I deserve worse.

And just in case you wondered if our singing had improved...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Graduation Elation

This event happened weeks ago, but I've been in denial about the whole thing. Fine. Yes, it's true. We have another kid out of high school. Eden and about 1800 Samoans graduated on the 9th of June. We sat in the cheap seats and watched the whole affair unfold. It went as they all do... long. We are super proud of her though, she made the most of high school... something many don't do. The grandparents came down in support. Tracy put on another cooking demonstration. I think they may be getting the wrong idea about us. I'm certain they don't appreciate the significant role Wendy's dollar menu and Golden Grahams play in our diet. Alas, I digress. We love you Eden... Way to go.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I appear to have lost my camera. I say "appear" because I'm not 100% sure it's 100% gone. I suspect that this is the case, but the fact just hasn't sunk in. I'm getting close... and that reality, for me, is heartbreaking. Was it stolen? Did I leave it somewhere? Will it turn up? No idea. So, a few final pics. Not the best ones or anything, just the last ones I managed to get.

Friday, June 4, 2010

To and Fro

I've only written about it a little, but in the last while, we've been able to see more family than usual. In spite of how that might initially sound, it turned out great. My mom and dad were able to come down for Hailey's show and we got to stay at their place when we were in Boise for Barb's homecoming extravaganza.

Granted... We eat a lot, make a racket, take up all of the couches, and want to watch completely different stuff on TV. (gasp... even movies). That said, they're good sports about it all and always seem to be willing to sign up for another visit. But wait... they always stay at a hotel when they come here. I'll try not to read too much into that...

See you next week folks!