Wednesday, February 25, 2009


There's apparently some sort of economic crisis brewing out there. While it probably should have, this fact had no effect on our recent decision to make cupcakes.

February 15. Our sugar-centric spending spree begins with the purchase of a "designer cupcake kit" distributed by Chronicle Books. Never mind asking what connection a publisher has to with home baking, the better question revolves around why otherwise intelligent adults would pay over 20 dollars for a box of paper cups. We then drove to Orson Gygi (some 40 blocks) for frosting tips and sprinkles. Just try and argue with the logic. Cost: about $15. And lastly... we swung by the grocery store on the way home for cake mixes (red velvet is GO!), frosting and cherries. Another ten bucks.

Tracy, Hailey, Evan and I decorated the batch you see here. (Can't remember where Eden was).

While some turned out nicer than others (ahem), they all tasted less garish than they look. Was it worth the almost $50? Probably not. Amusing enough to do again? Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guitar Hero

Evan "starred" in his fourth TV commercial recently. A low budget, but modestly charming spot for a local furniture company. The entire thing was shot with still photos and then animated to look something like a flip book. (When I have the file handy, I'll post the actual video.) I was proud that he let loose like this. He's a funny kid, but usually a little shy around new faces. His favorite part? Being paid in pizza and doughnuts. Clearly, he inherited this keen sense of economics from me.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Early 09

Finally has a Facebook.
Didn't swear in church.
Works harder than anyone I know.

Is (unsuccessfully) pitching new business.
Has discovered liquid acrylic inks.
Is still trying to figure it all out.

Is going to India in November.
Has started lacrosse.
Never gets to sleep in anymore.

Has new shoes. (size 9)
Built a homemade crossbow.
Finally got a haircut.

Had all four wisdom teeth pulled.
Is always sewing something.
Misses her friends.

Is constantly laying on your stuff.
Demands new water every morning.
Doesn't really have a name.

Is This Anything? (Part 2)