Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"The King of Kong"

I loved this documentary.
Nostalgic. Funny. Touching.

There, I did it... A movie review. (not really)
Does even this qualify as a post?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Holiday Miracle

This was our company holiday card. The miraculous part? It not only went out in time for the holidays, it also shipped with a small red light that gave the flame a semi-convincing glow.

The Bird

Evan and I took advantage of a Monday off to go skiing. We don't do it nearly enough (he frequently tells me) and it shows... for me anyway. I'm guessing things you only do once or twice a year don't really qualify as hobbies. No matter. It was still really great. Decent snow, blue bird skies, absolutely no lift lines.

Even though I've been skiing longer, I'm not sure who's teaching who here. He's always ahead of me and patiently waits to make sure I've not fallen off the side of the mountain. He even hit a jump in the terrain park just off Mid Gad. He didn't exactly land it. In fact, it was ugly. I still gave him the five bucks anyway. He earned it.