Sunday, November 29, 2009

There and Back Again

The family (sans Eden) drove to Boise to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents. A much needed break ensued. We watched a healthy dose of sports (any for us is a lot), went jogging, raked leaves, played games, went shopping, ate turkey, went to a movie, saw family, took naps and ate turkey again.

This is my Mom and Dad.
They are alway good sports about the food we eat and the mess we bring.

These are the lego racers Evan and I built.
In spite of the wings, mine basically rocked over his.

Hailey and Tracy at the gaming (kitchen) table...
Ticket to Ride is serious business.

Like a good son and grandson, we helped Grandpa rake leaves in the front.
Like typical knuckleheads, we forgot to do the back.

We capped off the trip at the airport. Eden arrived home from India.
Covered in henna. Craving cheeseburgers. Gifts for all.
She took tons of photos... maybe she'll let me post some here.

I could still do way better on the photo front...
This new camera isn't the magic wand I thought it would be.

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