Saturday, December 31, 2011

Freeze Tag

Just in time for the new year!... Photos from Halloweeen. I may or may not have the will to post some sort of recap for 2011 in the next few hours, but I did want to take a moment to throw these photos in a place that might stick. As late as they are, the moment they represent was something of a highlight... maybe one of the better things I did all year. While that fact or thought may reflect badly on me,  I think it will be nice to have it up here, rather than filed away on my computer.

Alfredo (first picture below) invited me to help him shoot photos for his stake Halloween party. A couple of things about the last sentence:

1) Alfredo didn't need my help. I'm pretty sure he had it covered. I think he mostly invited me along to teach me a little more about lighting (he's kind that way) and maybe to share in an experience he knew would be worthwhile (he's also kind that way).

2) His stake is more diverse than most... at least ours anyway. Among the four or five wards, there is at least one Spanish speaking ward and another that is special needs focused.

White it was just a few hours of pointing and shooting, it felt more like a gift.
The cast of characters... The costumes... An utter lack of sarcasm...
Meh... A more talented writer could explain why.

I just have these photos.

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