Monday, July 16, 2012

The Pokey

Photos from a trip we took to Pocatello in February. I can't remember why we went to Eastern Idaho in February. It certainly wasn't to get away from the cold and the wind... I know that for sure. I'm assuming we went mostly to impose ourselves on the Southwicks (not pictured) and eat what they were having for lunch and dinner. At least I recall it being a pleasing experience for the senses.

Along those lines, I also found time to slip away for a few hours to take these photos. The shots are nothing special I suppose, but I could have spent all day looking for more.

The one photo I didn't get? The inside of the Fort Hall Indian reservation jail. Tracy's sister suggested I might want to trespass on their land to snap a few shots of the river that runs through it. She implied that they probably wouldn't mind... that it wouldn't be a big deal. While I didn't end up going in... the place was generously covered with warning signs... I did wonder what Annie might stand to gain by having me incarcerated.

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